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Definitions and tasks

For each country participating in Inspire there are between one to three National Coordinators (NCs). National Coordinators will act as points of contact for the pilot schools and provide help and support during the implementation of the activities for the Inspire project.

National Coordinators' tasks include:

  • Assisting the pilot schools
  • Encouraging the pilot schools to use, test and evaluate as many learning objects as possible
  • Controlling pilot schools' reporting
  • Collecting the reports provided by the pilot schools
  • Uploading comments from teachers to the "discussion pages" of the learning objects in the English language website
  • Monitoring comments from teachers in the "discussion pages" of the websites in other languages

The list of National Coordinators is available in the Inspire Contacts section.

All National Coordinators will be given a user account for the Mediawiki, and will be able to modify the "non-protected" pages of the Inspire websites.

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